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Paradise Awaits || Zhu


The Gathering

Selfie from Sunday at TomorrowWorld. Totally blissed out at Camp Pornicorn. Prepared to party another 24 hours <3 #tomorrowworld #tomorrowworld2014


Every now and then i see the name get-funky pop up in my notes and i’m like “hell yeah”

Just got internet back, baby!! Gonna be bloggin my life away 8D


A Softer World: 1093

(I want to make you happy! I guess this is how.)

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The thing is, I don’t get over anyone. I still think about the guy who kissed me on the cheek when I was 4, friends that aren’t my friends anymore, people in my high school I was too shy to talk to, and even waiters. I dont forget anyone.

My burden, my blessing.

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"I felt a tremendous distance between me and everything real."

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Selfies help.

Sometimes, home can be heavy. Sometimes I think I know best.

Happy (belated) 3rd Birthday to my two minions. Very grateful to have these little ones to keep me grounded

Happy Birthday to my babe @helmofterror! Can’t believe you’re twenty five! Photo circa 08, drunk and 18 :)